You deserve your healthiest and happiest body, now and always.

Have you looked in the mirror and wished you could lose weight, be more toned, you-name-it?

At Living-Dance we believe is doing the real work and sweat needed to transform your body. We also use mindfulness to shed light on physical and mental habits as a vehicle for transformation and true freedom. That means less time concerning yourself about your body and more time living and doing what matters most. Release the need for judgement on your abilities, comparisons to those who seemly have it all, and endlessly seeing one thing after the next you wish to improve. Dance to your highest abilities and results are not only tangible, but guaranteed. (And no, you don’t need any rhythm to do this! And yes, this process can be fun!).
You deserve your healthiest and happiest body, now and always.


Real words from real women.

“There are countless trainers and workouts, but nothing compares to what Christina offers. I’m so engrossed in her energy, I willingly and happily let the sweat pour and the movement take me to places I didn’t think were possible. I am continuously amazed at how dutifully she works to challenge the body in new ways and create choreography that is not only fun, but helps you feel energized and motivated to take on the world. ”

supervising producer, bride-to-be, living-dancer

Kate Balch

“Christina has such a special ability to teach with love, care and pure passion while still making you hustle and work to your highest capabilities. Her high energy, kind heart and bad ass arms are a beautiful combination of motivation. She not only is an incredible guide into the world of dance and fitness but a life teacher who makes you remember that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and if you can't laugh at yourself and have a good time. What's the point!?”

jewelry designer, new mom, living-dancer

Michelle B-Strong

Move yourself and be moved.

  • Christina Ilisije

    is a professional dancer and accomplished fitness instructor in NYC. She has performed and taught worldwide with several dance companies, including Buglisi Dance Theatre and Parsons Dance. She is a NASM certified trainer and Weight Loss Specialist. She has taught at and managed Pure Yoga’s Figure 4 Barre program. She is a published author and public speaker on body image. She graduated summa cum laude from Marymount Manhattan College with a B.F.A. in dance and continues an active role on the department’s advisory board. Through Living-Dance, she is passionately committed to inspire you to find true freedom in their bodies and the power to live full out with feeling.

    Christina Ilisije

    founder, forever-performer, lead living-dancer

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