LIVING-DANCE private sessions

Guarantee yourself a body you love.


Every body is different and every person has unique needs and challenges.

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In these sessions you will:

  • Warm-up and tone your entire body - arms, abs, butts, thighs, back, and then some!

  • Learn and master a cardio-dance, choreographed to a favorite song of your choosing. All moves are based entirely off your ability level and physical needs.

  • Post sweat, let go and surrender into a guided meditation and stretches to optimize your mind for a lighter, more free you.

  • In a sincere and trusted dialogue, get action steps to take throughout your week that are proven to shift your habits around working-out, food, and how you feel in your body.


Interested in knowing more? Send us an email!

Christina will set up a personal phone call with you to learn more about your wants, needs, and goals. These sessions are tailored just for you!